Acute Asthma Attack Kills Teenage Girl – Did She Have Hidden Allergies?

Were Allergies The Cause Of The Teenage Girl's Asthma Who Died?It saddened me to read that a girl had found her teenage sister dead, after she had suffered an acute asthma attack. It made me realise how important my work is and how important it is that I get my allergy clearing system into the hands of as many people as possible, as soon as possible!

The sad story

According to the London Evening Standard, Savanna Myers, aged 11 found her sister, Lakisha lying on the floor. She said, “I wanted to wake Lakisha up because I was bored but her face looked different. She had purple lips and was really pale, really scary looking”.

“I started screaming. The ambulance tried to make her breathe again but it was too late”.

Imagine the trauma of seeing your sister dead on the floor? Maybe you have been through this sort of trauma so you know exactly what it is like. My sister saw my Dad die and it really affected her so badly. If I had known the techniques I now know for dealing with trauma I know her life would have been much different.

Could her death have been avoided?

The report states that Lakisha had an inhaler which she didn’t use as regularly as she was supposed to.

The father says that he wants to warn everyone to use their inhalers.

I would like to warn everyone with asthma that they should be checking for the presence of hidden allergies that could be causing or agrrevating this condition.

Sure, you should take advice from your doctor on how to control the symptoms of asthma, which can obviously be fatal. Alongside that treatment though, you should identify allergies that could be causing the symptoms and then eliminate them either by yourself or with a practitioner.

You can find out more about self help for allergies at The Allergy Kit

There are so many health conditions that are caused by hidden allergies and in most cases it is not difficult to clear them once you know how. Maybe Lakisha would still be alive today if her family had known this. is a good site for further information about acute asthma attack symptoms. The more you can educate yourself about the symptoms and causes, the better the chances of getting better or even preventing an avoidable death.

My deepest condolences to the Myers family. I know the pain of losing a loved one. Something I read but I can’t remember where, maybe Abraham Hicks, which gives me comfort is:

“We are infinite Beings, living in finite bodies, to experience life on earth”.

Isn’t that beautiful?

With love and light,

Cathy x



Catherine Davies

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