Allergy Antidotes

Sandi Radomski (Allergy Antidotes) and I

Sandi Radomski and I

Allergy Antidotes

I first came across Sandi Radomski whilst watching Gary Craig’s Speciality series DVD’s.

After successfully using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/Tapping to help me through a stressful period of my life, I decided to become a Practitioner. When I saw Sandi I realised that I wanted to learn more about how I could use EFT to help people who were suffering with allergies.

I bought her manuals and went on to help my partner free himself from his hay fever. I went back and bought most of the energy vials and a laser (I started with the etox laser) and helped others with all kinds of allergies and allergy-like reactions.

Sandi runs a very successful site called Allergy Antidotes and she also does private consultations either in person or over the phone.

Sandi Radomski states that:

“Many of your vague, undiagnosed, and persistent symptoms may be from what you are eating, smelling, or touching.”

Allergy Antidotes teaches you how to get to the root of what could be causing your symptoms and then teaches you how to reprogram your body so that it no longer needs to react as it has been doing.

Sandi is highly regarded in the world of Energy Psychology and she gives talks all over the world.

She is an amazing woman and someone who I now consider a friend.

I highly recommend Allergy Antidotes if you want to go deep and as Sandi says, “Find a solution to your chronic, unexplained emotional and physical symptoms.” It is so empowering to know that even if the doctor has given up on you, you still have options to have your health and well-being back.

You can go to her website by clicking this link:

I would recommend The Allergy Antidotes Foundation Bundle.

If you are interested in using a laser then I recommend the SoftLaser Basic Model.

Since writing this Sandi has let me know that she has a new laser. You can watch a video here: SL50 Laser

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  1. I really loved reading your post, I have been researching lots of things on allergies so when I read your post I felt I had to reach out. Thank you and keep up the good work

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