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Muscle Test – The Sway Test

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Have you been struggling to muscle test yourself?

If so then the Sway Test might be the answer for you. It’s really fun and is great to use for both adults and kids alike!

I am working on making a video to show you how to do The Sway Test  but in the meantime here’s a video where Gwen Bonnell gives a really good description of how to do it:

Text Version Of How To Do This Fun Muscle Test

Stand with your feet together and hands crossed on your chest. Say the following to calibrate:
“My name is ___________(Your name)” Your body should sway forward
“My name is Benjamin Franklin” You should feel your body way back
Then, “Yes” – your body should sway forward
Then “No”
Think of something good – forward
Bad – back
Someone you love – forward
Someone you have a problem with – back

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