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Amazing Laser For Pain Relief

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I just heard from Sandi Radomski from Allergy Antidotes. She was raving about her new laser that is amazing for pain relief.

This is what she says about her experience of using it:

“First, I saw the results for my significant other Howard. Two weeks ago he woke up with a crinked neck. He was unable to turn his head and was clearly guarding his movements. He looked pretty bad and certainly not in shape to go to our dance class two days later. I suggested using the laser but he kept saying it always takes a long time (at least a week or more) when this happens to his neck.  He used the SL50 for a few moments.  He easily programed the timer for his desired three minutes.  He repeated again that it always takes a long time to get better.  He lasered several times during the day.  The next morning he woke up able to turn his head.  He said he was “amazed, absolutely amazed” because he had relief in so short a time. And he was ready for our dance class.  Mission accomplished.

How often have you said, “Now that I’m (insert your age), I’m too old to go back to school, learn a language, fall in love, learn to dance, drive at night, get fit?”

We’ve all been there. I love clubbing but I haven’t been for ages and there is a belief that has crept in recently about being too old now. After watching this video I realise it’s only a belief which I have picked up from society. It’s not a fact! Bring on that Deep House music! Ooh I’m really in the mood now to go and have a dance.

I have a fascinating, eye-opening video to share with you today that’s going blow away your beliefs about what causes our aging.  It will reveal secrets to you that will have you turning back the clock with just your thoughts!

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I wanted to document my recent successful self help treatment for conjunctivitis/pink eye so that it might help you if you are a sufferer.

It’s quite a long one so grab a cuppa and settle in……….

It all started with itchy, watering, pink eyes. Then waking up with lots of gunk. Yuk!

I looked on the internet where I found lots of conflicting advice, nothing new there then! It’s so scary when you look up symptoms on the internet isn’t it? I read that I could go blind!  The internet can be brilliant for research but sometimes it can terrify you! Thankfully I know what I know – that there is always an alternative.

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