Healing Lasers

I have written several articles about healing lasers and why I love them. Below you will find links to those articles as well as information on some of the latest lasers that Sandi Radomski from Allergy Antidotes is using:




Please note that the Beurer/Vitalmed Softlaser that I discuss in the latter 2 articles has been discontinued. The ‘Softlaser Basic Model’ below has all the same features though.

SL50 Laser

SL150 Evolution Home Laser Cluster

Sandi Radomski from Allergy Antidotes says, “The SL50 is like my other lasers but on steroids.” It has the same 635nm wavelength as the Softlaser Plus and the Softlaser basic model but it has EIGHT diodes in one device. It also has the option of infrared either separately or in combination with the laser beam. Sandi says that the beam is the widest she has seen in an affordable laser, covering a broader field, which is an important factor if you are using it for pain. It comes with its own recharging stand and universal power adapter with plug attachments for U.S., U.K. and European style plugs.

You can purchase this amazing laser from Allergy Antidotes.


Softlaser Basic Model

This is the type of laser I have been using for years in my allergy work as well as for general skin problems, pain and healing. It’s laser beam is 635nm, the exact vibration of a healthy living cell. In acupuncture, a laser beam at 635nm is equivalent to using a needle. A beam of light at 635nm stimulates the outer cells to vibrate at the level of a healthy living cell and then induces the next cell to begin to vibrate at that same rate.

You can purchase the Softlaser from Allergy Antidotes.



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