How And Why I Use A Healing Laser To Work With Allergies

Treating Allergies With A Healing LaserIt has been found that stimulating acupuncture or reflex points on the body, whilst holding an allergic substance, calms the system down and tells the body that it is safe.

How It All Started

As with many great inventions, Dr Devi Nambudripad found this out quite by accident. For years she had been suffering from asthma, bronchitis and muscle aches and pains. It got to a point where  she would lose consciousness if she ate anything other than broccoli or white rice. One day whilst she was waiting for her rice to cook she ate some pieces of carrot. She told her husband to bring her acupuncture needles immediately and she put them in.

After she put them in she fell asleep on her bed. When she woke up after 45 minutes she felt better than she had done for years. She realised that the carrots were with her on the bed and would have been there when she inserted the needles into certain acupuncture points. Therefore they were in her energy field when she inserted the needles. She realised that having the allergic substance (carrots) in her energy field while the body was balanced gave the body the information it needed to turn off it’s immune reaction.


Dr Devi started to teach NAET but then decided that she would only teach doctors this technique.

Sandi Radomski had trained with Dr Devi and decided that this was something that many Therapists could use to help their clients. She developed her Allergy Antidotes System.

I trained with Sandi and decided that everyone deserved the chance to learn these techniques so that they could help themselves and their loved ones. And I intend to teach everyone who wants to learn!

The Basic Procedure

Putting the problem substance in your energy field can be accomplished by:

  1. Holding a small piece of the substance in the hand or on the body (can be put in glass and held)
  2. Holding an energy frequency vial containing the energetic frequency of the substance
  3. Holding a piece of paper with the name of the substance written on it
  4. Thinking about the substance

Whilst holding the substance (any of 1-4 above) in your energy field, instead of using needles on certain acupuncture points, I use a low level laser  or cold laser on the ears as taught by Sandi Radomski. The reflex points on the ears relate to all the acupuncture points of the body. You may have heard of Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture? Although highly effective, you need to know very specific points.

I love to keep things as simple as possible so for me, using a healing laser is the way to go. As you stimulate all of the points of the ear, you are including all the specific points as well so they are all balanced at the same time. You are reprogramming your system in relation to the substance.

Once you learn how to use your laser you can use it to help your family and friends. There are reflex points in the hands and feet as well.

It can be used for allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

Apart from using it for my work with allergies, I find the laser to be a great physical and emotional healing tool and I  use it as well as EFT tapping.

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With love and light,

Cathy x


Catherine Davies

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