How I Helped My Partner Eliminate His Hay Fever Symptoms

My partner was my first guinea pig after I learned about clearing allergies with EFT Tapping. He suffered so badly and so did I for that matter. It was like he had ‘Man flu’ for three quarters of the year!!!

In this article I am going to teach you how I helped my partner eliminate hay fever and his nasty hay fever symptoms using the Allergy Antidotes system.

It all started when I was watching Gary Craig on one of his EFT DVD’s in 2006, as I was training to become an EFT Practitioner. He introduced someone called Sandi Radomski whose website is www.AllergyAntidotes.orgShe was having success using EFT Tapping to eliminate allergies. It’s funny when something just clicks isn’t it? You know when you see or meet someone who just inspires you? Well that’s what happened to me that day.

I just had to know more so I ordered her Allergy Antidotes manuals. I devoured the information which consisted of a basic and advanced manual. I also ordered lots of energy vials but I didn’t use them with my partner.

I was so excited to try out what I had just learned. Enter the guinea pig……………………………………………….

Here’s how I helped my partner, permanently to date, eliminate his hay fever:

I took a damp tissue and wiped it over all the plants and grass in the garden and got him to hold it against his body.

First of all I wanted to check to see if there was any trauma associated with the hay fever. Glenn had no idea when it first started so I muscle tested him. You can do this yourself or you can get someone else to do it for you. The answer was 3 years of age. Of course he couldn’t remember what was happening then. He is from New Zealand and he knew that his Mum always took him on her bike across and that they had both fallen off but he didn’t know how old he was. That would have been quite traumatic I would have said. It was also likely that they would have been near grass and other plants and trees.

To learn how to self muscle test go to The Sway Test

or Easy Self Muscle Test

Here’s what I did next:
Whilst he was still holding the tissue I started rubbing his sore spot (go here for the tapping points) but you can do it yourself. What I said was:

“Even though I’ve had problems with what is on this tissue that are connected to what happened when I was 3 years old, when I fell off the bike with my Mum, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway”

“Even though I’ve had all these symptoms. This runny, blocked nose, itchy red eyes, itchy skin, I thank you body for trying to protect me but I want you to know that it is safe now for me to be around what’s on this tissue. I am safe.”

“Even though I’ve had all of this fear from when I was 3 years old associated with what’s on this tissue, I choose to feel safe and protected now”

Then I started tapping around his EFT Tapping points. You can do this yourself though or get the person you are working with to do it for themselves:

EB – All of these hay fever symptoms
SE – My body’s problem with what’s on this tissue
UE – All that fear
UN – The fear from when I was 3 years old
CH – It’s wasn’t safe to be around what’s on this tissue
CB – These annoying symptoms that I have had for years and make every year miserable
UA – I’m sick of feeling so bad from April and having my summer ruined
TH – All this pollen and fear from when I was 3
EB – I’d like to thank my body for trying to protect me
SE – It’s ok now
UE – I am not 3 anymore and I am safe
UN – It’s safe to be around pollen and what’s on this tissue
CH – I can be around what’s on this tissue without any symptoms
CB – Thank you body for trying to protect me but I am ok now
UA – I can be around and inhale what’s on this tissue and be safe and protected
TOH – I choose to feel safe and protected when I inhale or am around what’s on this tissue.

Once we had done this we carried on with our lives and I actually forgot all about it. That was until a few days later. I noticed that Glenn wasn’t sneezing or blowing his nose like he usually would have been. Honestly his hankies used to be soggy. Yuk!

I asked him if he had taken any medication. He said that he hadn’t. It was only then that it dawned on us that the treatment had worked! Wow!

He had no more hay fever symptoms until the following year when he started to feel slight tingling, runny nose and scratchy throat. I had just received my laser from Allergy Antidotes so used that this time.

I used the same technique I have just discussed, only instead of using the tapping points, I used a laser on his ears. By shining the light over the ears we were stimulating all of the reflex points in the body.

He has had no signs of hay fever since, even when cutting hedges in the garden, which would have just been too awful for him to do previously. To date he has not taken any more hay fever medication.

I asked him recently to describe in one word what it meant for him to no longer suffer from hay fever. He said, “Freedom”. Job done!

You can find out more about Sandi Radomski’s amazing work here:

You may also be interested in The Allergy Kit. Their website is

I highly recommend both of these sites. Go with what feels right for you.

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