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Alernative Morning Sickness RemedyWhen I was pregnant with my first child I remember asking my doctor and my mum, “How long does morning sickness last?” They reassured me that it would only last until I was about 3 months pregnant. I am sorry to tell you that they were wrong. It lasted until I gave birth!

I can remember a week when I couldn’t even lift my head off the pillow without heaving. I literally wanted to die! I actually remember thinking that I would like to go to sleep and never wake up. I just felt SO awful!

As soon as my baby came out I felt well again. How could that be? Well I have my own theory and let me tell you, if I had known then what I know now, I’m sure I wouldn’t have had to suffer like I did. I want to share what I know now with you, so that you don’t have to suffer like I did.

Morning sickness remedies

Some of the morning sickness remedies I tried at the time were:

  • Wearing wrist bands
  • Eating gingernut biscuits
  • Eating a biscuit first thing in the morning
  • Fennel tea
  • Suppositories

Actually, the suppositories did help me a lot but I was very concerned about using them so I limited their use. I really wanted more natural morning sickness remedies but I couldn’t find anything that worked for me at the time.

Morning sickness could be caused by allergies?

In my field it is believed that morning sickness can be caused by allergies and the 2 main allergies are:

Allergy to your baby

In this case there is an energetic mis-match between the energy of the mother and the energy of the baby. I am sure that was the case with me. I remember feeling very guilty because my baby felt alien to me! Even then I had a feeling that I was reacting to my baby.

Allergy to foods and vitamins

You could be allergic to foods and/or vitamins like the pregnancy vitamins that you are faithfully taking. If you have an allergy to certain vitamins, then you won’t be absorbing them properly and so you won’t be getting the full benefit of them. You definitely won’t be getting the full benefit if you are spewing them up!

Dr Devi Nambudripad says that allergies to prenatal vitamins could also be the cause of pregnancy symptoms such as excessive weight gain, restlessness, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, skin rashes, itching, nausea, light-headedness and an inability to urinate freely.

A natural remedy for morning sickness

It is easy to treat yourself at home naturally for morning sickness. First though I recommend that you see your doctor and continue to go for your prenatal checks.

Then I would recommend using muscle testing to figure out what you are allergic to. I have made a video to teach you how to do that here If you would prefer not to self muscle test then you can just treat what you suspect.

There is also the ‘sway test’ which people are finding easy and effective. This is how you do it:

Stand with your feet together and hands crosed on your chest. Say the following to calibrate:

“My name is ___________(Your name)”  Your body should sway forward

“My name is Benjamin Franklin”  You should feel your body way back

Then, “Yes” – your body should sway forward

Then “No”

Think of something good – forward

Bad – back

Someone you love – forward
Someone you have a problem with – back

Then take the substance (or in this case the piece of paper with, ‘my baby’ on or think of your baby) you want to test and hold against your chest. Remember feet together. Close your eyes and feel whether your body wants to sway forwards or back.

If it sways forward the substance shouldn’t be causing you any problems but if you sway backwards it is causing you problems.

If you find yourself swaying from side to side, stop and calibrate again. Just tell your body that ‘yes’ is forward and ‘no’ is back. Good/positive is forward and bad/negative is back.

Keep practising. It takes time to get to a point where you trust your answers. Just set the intention that you learn the truth from your body.

The Treatment

Take the piece of paper with, ‘My baby’ and hold it in your energy field and start a process of tapping on meridian points (EFT) whilst repeating certain phrases. (This could also be done by thinking of your baby instead of writing on paper). This procedure will balance the energy of you, the mother in relation to the energy of your baby so that your body no longer needs to react as it has been by producing the sickness.

If the sickness persists after doing this, then treat for any vitamins that you are taking by holding them, one by one against your body and follow the procedure as above. Then treat yourself for foods if necessary, starting with whatever you are craving as these are generally the foods that you are reacting to.

If you don’t know how to tap yet –  The Tapping Solution give away a free downloadable manual and stress relief cd in exchange for your email address. Dealing with stress can really help not only you but your precious baby during pregnancy, after birth and during their life. Your baby can really pick up on your stress so it’s really important to find a way to deal with it and ‘Tapping’ is brilliant.

In fact I found ‘Tapping’ whilst I was pregnant with my third child. I had a panic attack when I realised we had been totally scammed by property developers and were on the verge of financial ruin! I realised I needed to do something to help both myself and my baby so I started searching the internet. I found EFT and started tapping straight away. It helped me so much  that I decided to train as an EFT Practitioner.

You can go to The Tapping Solution website by clicking here

Learn the tapping points and follow my instructions to help with your morning sickness. Then use the instructions in the free manual and cd to help you with other areas of your life.

Did you try this technique? How did you get on with it? Do you have any questions?

With love and light,

Catherine x

Catherine Davies

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Morning Sickness Remedies - November 12, 2012

Informative post.

Pregnancy is an exciting time of many changes in a woman’s life. But for most women, along with the wonderful baby-waiting experiences, morning sickness often comes uninvited — worst thing.

    Catherine Davies - November 13, 2012

    Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree more! My business partner positively glowed and loved being pregnant. I was green and wanted to die! Cathy x


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