“Am SO grateful to you and the fact that you want to share this info and help people. It’s so easy and can help so many people….LOVE IT. I’m 41 and have had too many food reactions to mention. You have changed my life and that of my gorgeous little girl. I was worried she would have a sensitive system like me and early on discovered I couldn’t eat any dairy/citrus/brassica’s. It would affect her with cramps/screaming….was awful to see her like that. Everyone said “oh they just do that” but I knew it was what I was eating going through my breast milk. It was the protein in diary. Now everyone says “oh look how happy she is” haha and they can’t believe she sleeps EVERY night. The perfect baby. I will treat her as I introduce new foods for her, she’s just starting solids and going well. Any way, wanted to share how grateful we are and will keep in touch with you.” (S. Australia) –


“Recently I have been just using the laser at bedtime, doing both ears and not treating any particular foods. I don’t seem to be reacting the same anymore, my immune system is being boosted that it copes so much more. I even went out for dinner and didn’t ask “what’s in this and that” just ordered and thought I’m ok, I have the laser if I start feeling like I’m reacting. It was fantastic, felt fine the next morning too.” (S. Australia)


“I suffered with vertigo for about 18 years. It would come over me when I was bending down and I thought I would never get back up. Everything would spin around and I would usually need to be helped to a chair. I am so happy to say that since that one treatment, I haven’t had an attack. That was one year ago now. Thank you so much Cathy”.    V. Chester


“After our session I was able to go into a dusty room that usually would have left me a sneezing wreck. This time, not so much as a tingle in my nose!”  F. London


” I was totally addicted to tea. I wanted to let you know that night, after our session I didn’t even think about having a cup. It’s been a week now and I still have this feeling of I can take it or leave it”.   S. London


“I saw Cathy 4 years ago and she treated me for my allergies to trees, dust and pollution. I cycle a lot and every year my eyes would water and itch and I would feel not great around March/April. After seeing Cathy, literally the very next day my eyes did not feel bad at all, but the test was the following year and to my surprise I had no symptoms, at all. 4 years later still nothing. I’m very happy and very grateful Cathy was able to treat me. Many thanks x” D. London





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