NAET Vs The Allergy Kit

The Allergy Kit

NAET  Vs The Allergy Kit

NAET and The Allergy Kit both use energy medicine to treat allergies but the techniques are different. I have compiled a list to show you the main differences between the two:


NAET                                                               The Allergy Kit


Uses an activator                                                Uses a cold laser


Done by a practitioner                                        Do it yourself protocol


In a practitioners office                                       Can be done at home


Travel time to and from the office                        No Travel Time


Only treats one allergen at a time                       Can treat multiple allergens at the same time


Treats only one member of the family                 Can treat multiple members of the family


If treatment has to be repeated                          Fixed cost

(and it happens) there is another

treatment and another charge


If you haven't already, you can watch The Allergy Kit video hereThe Allergy Kit Video

The Allergy Kit

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