Tomato Allergy


Allergy To Tomatoes

Tomato Allergy

Who would have thought that you could be allergic to tomatoes? After all they are supposed to be healthy aren’t they?It is rare to have a severe reaction to tomatoes but it is not unheard of for a tomato allergy to cause anaphylactic shock and even death!

If you are reading this you or someone you love has probably had a reaction to tomatoes. During your research you have read that tomato allergies are rare. If that were true then why is this post viewed by a couple of hundred people every day?  I have so many people email me all the time who are reacting to tomatoes.

Most people have what would normally be classed as an intolerance to tomatoes rather than tomato allergy in the medical sense. So you may not even notice any symptoms, or may not relate the symptoms to the tomato. Remember it can take up to 72 hours after we have ingested something for symptoms to present themselves.

The way I see it, your body is producing symptoms because it is trying to protect you. For some reason it thinks that the tomato is not safe. Luckily there are safe natural self-help treatments that you can learn to re-educate you body so that it doesn’t have to react in the same way in the future.

For information on natural allergy relief products that I personally recommend go to my resources page.


Tomato Allergy

Tomatoes are part of the nightshade allergy family and also contain a high degree of a natural chemical known as salicylate which is related to aspirin and is a derivative of salicylic acid. Some people can not tolerate any amount of salicylate in their diet.

I have found that some people cannot tolerate anything from the nightshade group whereas others can just have a problem with one. Some will only have a problem with raw tomatoes whilst others will not be able to tolerate processed tomatoes, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes or cooked tomatoes. Does this sound familiar?

Nightshade Allergy Family

Nightshade plants include:

  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • aubergines
  • peppers
  • chili peppers
  • tobacco
  • the deadly nightshade Atropa Belladona

Symptoms of Tomato Allergy

Symptoms to look out for that could be related to tomato or nightshade allergy are:

  • gastro-intestinal problems
  • increase in tears, sweat and saliva
  • cystitis
  • abdominal pain
  • cramps or vomiting
  • diarrhoea
  • swelling, urticaria (hives)
  • tingling lips
  • itchy arms
  • headaches
  • dermatitis
  • red, itchy skin around the mouth
  • red, itchy skin on the arms and legs
  • blisters on the hands and fingers
  • oral allergy syndrome
  • rhinitis
  • tightening of the chest
  • difficulty breathing
  • tomato pollen may trigger rhinitis and/or conjunctivitis
  • mental or emotional issues

Symptoms of immediate tomato allergy are:

  • tingling lips
  • swelling face
  • urticaria (hives)
  • tightening of the chest
  • difficulty breathing etc

These are also the symptoms of anaphylactic shock and urgent medical assistance will be required!

Are you addicted to tobacco?

If so, then clearing your allergies (if you have them) to tomatoes and other nightshades could help you give up smoking! It could be that your craving for tomatoes, or your tomato allergy is being satisfied by smoking tobacco which is another nightshade. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Remember we crave what we are allergic to. Clearing all the nightshade group including tobacco could really help with those cravings. I think it’s worth a try isn’t it?

So you see those lovely little red juicy yummy things that I use in so much of my cooking and love to eat raw, can cause all kinds of problems can’t they?

Natural Allergy Relief Is Here And You Can Do It Yourself!

You can start clearing your allergies yourself by using The Allergy Kit. They have a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee and send it out very quickly (I am in the UK and I received mine within 4 working days).

If you want to understand more about how The Allergy Kit works please read my article: How The Allergy Kit Works

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will answer them as soon as I can.

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  1. Bernard King says:

    Hi, I have been getting tearful itchy eyes and itchy spots over the body, also once had weak sick feeling with vomiting. It only is connected to processing our crop of tomatillos (Physalis ixocarpa) that is related to tomato. I had an allergy test that was positive for dust mite but the majority of symptoms are directly caused when working with the fruit. cheers, bernard.

    • Hi Bernard,

      It sounds like you have a sensitivity to tomatoes. You could find a Practitioner who could use muscle testing to find out what is causing the symptoms (there’s a list of Practioners on Allergy Antidotes website – link is in the tab at the top of this webstie) or you can help yourself with this.

      You could go through The Allergy Kit and work on the main allergens that cause us problems. Once you have done that you could then work specifically on clearing your body’s reaction to tomatoes.

      With love,


  2. Iesha says:

    When ever i taste tomatoes i does get a really bad headache…my tongue getts numb n i start to feel really sick im i allergic to it?

    • Hi Iesha,

      It sounds like an allergy. I always recommend going to your doctor first.

      Then I would recommend you research Allergy Antidotes or The Allergy Kit so that you can help yourself eliminate your body’s negative response to tomatoes or anything else that could be causing you problems. You will see the links on the top menu bar above to both sites.

      If you have any question please let me know.

      Hope this helps.

      With love,


  3. Lalo says:

    Everytime I eat ketchup I start sweating alot……how come?

    • Hi Lalo,

      When your body perceives something as being dangerous it sets up a response that causes symptoms. Although symptoms can be nasty they are a great way to let you know that something is wrong.

      Do you have this problem with anything other than tomatoes?

      As always I recommend that you see your doctor first if you are concerned and do some research to find out how you can help yourself.

      I have used the techniques that are taught in Allergy Antidotes and The Allergy Kit to help people eliminate their negative reactions to substances and I highly recommend either.

      You will find links to the websites in the top menu above.

      I hope that helps.

      With love,


  4. Maria says:

    Hi Cathrine,
    I get blister breakouts on only 2 fingers on my right hand and also really swollen eye lids from something. I’ve been to the doctors and they advised me that I’ve got “contact dermatitis” as it appears on my fingers. She told me it cannot be a food allergy as I don’t get the outbreaks around my mouth. Can this be true?
    The breakouts have been better now for a little while so I decided to test this by having an tomato soup for lunch yesterday. Today when I woke up, my eyelids are super swollen and my fingers are itchy and scaly again..
    I believe this could be caused by the tomato soup but my doctor says no. I also got advised that my problem area is too small for the doctor to consider to do an allergy test on me.

    Thank you so much for this informative site as it seem to be really hard to get any good advise! xxx
    Maria recently posted..Amazing Laser For Pain ReliefMy Profile

    • Hi Maria,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me.

      I believe that anything can cause anything. Whilst you need to take your doctors advice I think there is no harm in doing your own research which I am pleased to see you doing. After all at the end of the day we are responsible for our own health and well being.

      The fact that you have had breakouts after eating tomatoes does point to a sensitivity to tomatoes. I had no idea just how many people were suffering after eating or touching tomatoes until I wrote this post. You are not alone!

      The aim of my site is to let people know that they can help themselves find freedom from allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.

      There are two sites I highly recommend you look at. They are Allergy Antidotes and The Allergy Kit. You will find the tabs that you can click in the top menu above. I use the same sort of techniques as they use to help eliminate negative reactions to foods and substances.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      With love,

      Cathy x

  5. Linda says:

    I am allergic to tomatoes, milk, beef, apples, canilop, and rice. After reading your article and other comments I know now why when I eat these foods, (in moderarion) I have terrible stomach cramps, gas and tomatoes make me vomit. I try to avoid these foods but it is very hard. Would it be a good idea for the allergy kit??

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I am pleased that my article and the comments have helped give you some insight into why you might have your symptoms.

      I think The Allergy Kit would be a great idea for you. You would start off by clearing the most common allergens, which you might not realise you are reacting to or that could be making you more likely to react to other substances. Then, if you need to, you can go on to work on individual substances that you know give you problems, if they still are that is.

      If you buy The Allergy Kit through a link on my site I will give you free email support for one month if you need it.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      With love,


  6. Gautam says:

    Looks like , I finally figured out why i get a sensation of Vomiting and most of times
    would Vomit the moment I take food with tomato, the smell it self trouble’s me ( I would be ok if flavor of Tomato gets covered by other spices, else i just cannot take it) and I am having this problem since i was kid and i am 32 now and worst looks like my 2 year Old kid inherited it, the moment my wife feeds him any thing remotely made of tomato he just Vomit’s , any suggestion of treatment so that he can get over it.

    • Hi Guatam,

      I think The Allergy Kit is great as a treatment. You will see some tabs in the menu bar at the top to give you more information.

      The Allergy Kit is really easy to use and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

      It contains vials of the most common allergens which you will systematically go through to help re-balance your system. Once you have done that you will be able to repeat what you have learned by holding a tomato in a container instead of a vial and following the procedure.

      If you buy The Allergy Kit through a link on my site, I will email you with my personal email address so that I can offer you support.

      I hope this helps.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      With love,


  7. sifter says:

    Since my teen years, tomatoes cause a herpes type 1 outbreak on my lip, accompanied with mild flu like symptoms. Lately, if I accidentally ingest tomato ( Heinz ketchup no problem, curiously) my little toe becomes red, sensitive to touch, rubbing sock,etc. Ever hear of such h a thing??? Only nuts cause lip problem beside tomatoes. Pistachios= NO problem.

    • As a Holistic Practitioner I am open to the idea that anything can cause anything. So to me what you are experiencing is very real. Tomatoes seem to cause a whole host of symptoms in some people. You are definitely not alone!

      It would be a good idea for you to try to find a way to eliminate your reaction to tomatoes etc.

      Have you looked into The Allergy Kit or looked at Sandi Radomski’s Allergy Antidotes site? You will find tabs in the top menu so that you can investigate further if you would like to.

      I would highly recommend either.

      Let me know if you have any questions or need help deciding which one to go with.

      With love,


  8. Michelle says:

    My mother has told me that she has a tomato allergy but continues to be able to eat Roma tomatoes. Is this possible to only be allergic to some tomatoes and not others? Or did she have a different allergic reaction and is not really allergic to tomatoes at all since she can eat romas, pizza, etc.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Michelle,

      Yes I have found that you can be allergic to tomatoes in all different forms.

      What I have also found is that an allergic reaction to something else can weaken our system making us more susceptible to reactions to other foods and substances.

      Also stress can weaken our system making us more likely to react.

      I hope that helps.

  9. Anna says:

    I’ve been eating tomatoes my whole life – I’m 42. Cooked, raw and in sauces and ketchup. But just this year – in the last six months I have been trying to lose weight and switched to salad boxes at lunchtime. I’ve never felt so ill. Stomach cramps, sweats, upset stomach. Within an hour or two of eating. I couldn’t work out what it was and blood tests were clear. I briefly wondered about raw tomatoes.

    In the end I thought it must be the sandwich shop I was buying salad from. I stopped eating there and I was better.

    Then today – after two months with no problems, I had a slice of raw tomato with lettuce and cucumber – the side salad with an omelette and within one hour I was in pain.

    Could it really be a raw tomato allergy after all this time of eating tomatoes?

  10. Lucie says:

    Interesting read. I’m allergic to tomatoes, and lately I was considering using kava root to help with anxiety! So I’m doing some research, and it appears to be part of the pepper family. Could I test it on my skin or is there anyway to tell if I would be allergic to it.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Lucie,

      Have you come across EFT/Tapping? If not, I would highly recommend that you go to The Tapping Solution website. (I am an affiliate because I love their work). You can learn it for free. It is such an amazing tool for anxiety, stress and overwhelm and it’s easy to learn. I would do that rather than using something you could be allergic to.

      If you learn how to do EFT and then how to muscle test you could go on to eliminate your allergic reactions!

      Baby steps though eh!

      I hope that helps.

      With love,


  11. Do you see any relationship with allergies and OCD?

    If so can you direct me to the knowledge I would require to support change in my son that has severe OCD.

    Tank you kindly.

    Thomas McNamee

    • Hi Thomas,

      Yes I do see a relationship with allergies and OCD. But I also believe in the holistic approach that anything can cause anything.

      There are various techniques to rebalance our systems. I will point you in the direction of the techniques that I have found really useful so that you can help your son. It takes courage to open your mind and look outside of convention so I applaud you for that. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to help your loved ones when conventional approaches can’t.

      I would recommend looking into what I have listed below and go where your heart takes you:

      1. The Allergy Kit – for treatment you can start straight away without needing any prior knowledge.

      2. Allergy Antidotes – Sandi Radomski has manuals that are great to learn about allergies, intolerances and sensitivities as well as muscle testing. She also sells these with lasers.

      3. The Emotion Code – I have trained in this modality and am in the process of becoming certified. It is an energy healing technique that helps us to identify and release trapped emotions- which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal- so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable. The principles are similar to The Allergy Kit and Allergy Antidotes, only instead of using a magnet (Emotion Code), they use hand held lasers. After I become certified in The Emotion Code, I will go on to gain certification in The Body Code.

      4. Read “Say Goodbye To Illness” by Dr Nevi Nambudripad. This is a great book by the woman who developed NAET. She teaches muscle testing and her way of rebalancing the system. I don’t use NAET myself but I love this book.

      I hope that helps.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more help.

      With love,


  12. Katrina corney says:

    I have had this happen for awhile but it’s getting worse. When I eat a raw tomato my mouth starts to peel away on the roof and I get blisters. I have a really big one right now cause my husband have me a bite of his food and forgot there were tomatoes in it. It hurts so so bad. I can eat them if they are cooked SOMETIMES. It all depends on the brand’s. This also sometimes happens when I eat pineapple and banana. I’m so tired of this.

    • Hi Katrina,

      I can imagine how tired of this you are! It’s so difficult to avoid tomatoes. In fact I use them most days.

      I remember how fed up my partner was of having a constantly streaming nose in the summer. It was miserable! He doesn’t get so much as a snivel now!

      As I tell all of my readers, you don’t have to suffer this. There is a way to clear your allergies, intolerances and sensitivities just like my partner did. Have you looked at The Allergy Kit? There’s a button at the top of the page to give you more information or you can go to their site here –
      The Allergy Kit

      I hope that helps.

      With love,


  13. Brenda says:

    I have been to the allergist and they have determined that I do in fact have a minute allergy to tomatoes. I was getting hives on the palms of my hands and that was it. Very liveable. So I have stopped eating them as frequently but I can’t seem to give them up! I have noticed recently that I do get hives on my tongue I just didn’t know that was even a thing. Today, I had a tomato based soup for lunch and within hours, my tongue had hives and I had a soreness in my neck. Almost a muscle soreness. I sometimes feel a shortness of breath but have never truly been concerned about anaphylaxis but is it possible for the allergy to evolve and become more potent as I get older. My allergy syptoms have only been present the last two years or so. Thanks!
    Brenda recently posted..Amazing Laser For Pain ReliefMy Profile

    • Hi Brenda,

      Yes it is possible that allergies will get worse, or as you say, more potent over time. Sandi Radomski calls it the Rain Barrel effect.

      Your system becomes weakened over time if you don’t clear your allergies, making you more likely to react to substances that maybe you didn’t react to in the past or the reaction could be more severe.

      If you haven’t done so already why don’t you take a look at Allergy Antidotes and The Allergy Kit on this site. The tabs are located in the menu at the top of the page. I recommend either of these systems to help you clear you allergies, susbstance sensitivities and intolerances.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.

  14. Sneh sood says:

    I am having bad attacks of hives. Big bums remain on my body whole day. Even in head also. I had been taking Ebast 20 but no effect. I feel my allergy is stronger than all these medicines. Pl tell me what to do??

    • You have asked me to tell you what to do and so here goes – you need to clear your allergies so that you don’t have to suffer these symptoms. That is what this site is all about really.

      I recommend you research Allergy Antidotes or The Allergy Kit. You will find information on this site at the top of this page. Can you see the tabs labelled ‘Allergy Antidotes’ and ‘The Allergy Kit’,

      This may seem very strange if you haven’t come across it before but I have effectively used the techniques taught in these two systems.

      I hope that helps.

  15. Philip says:

    I am 83. For about the last three years I have had an irregular but agonizing pain in my upper intestines. It starts near the solar plexus and spreads in a few seconds right across the upper intestine. It is like a gall bladder attack but much more intense. I also feel bloated. Almost immediately I start burping incessantly for about 10 minutes and the pain gradually subsides. The last twice I had an attack it was after eating tomatoes. Once it was sautéed grape tomatoes, which I couldn’t finish before the pain started. The second time was after having pasta sauce which I had heated to pour over perogies. I have decided to avoid tomatoes even though other recipes do not produce any ill effects.

  16. Leo says:

    I fear I have a tomato allergy. I’ve suspected it for a while. It varies in severity from time to time. But, for instance, I had a large bowl of gazpacho(chilled tomato soup). After a few hours, my cheek and tongue were swollen. Sometimes my lips swell. The swelling lasts for several hours to a day before gradually going down. Is this common for a tomato allergy? Thanks

    • Hi Leo,

      It sounds like your symptoms could be related to tomatoes and they certainly are common. The best way to find out if you have a sensitivity to tomatoes is to muscle test. You could go to http://catherinedavies.com/muscle-test-the-sway-test and try testing yourself. Give yourself time to get used to muscle testing.

      You can clear your allergies using The Allergy Kit or Allergy Antidotes. You can find information on the tabs at the top of this page.

  17. Lisa says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I beleive I could have a tomato alergy or intolerance??? I only get stomach cramps bloating and diarrhoea, not rashes or tingly anything. Although funny enough I used to get dermatitis as a young child into my teens and and from my twenties to mid twenties I got these large scaly rash spots about the size of a twenty cent coin it was not long after this I cut Tomato out of my diet and I have not had it since. Reading the thread makes me think some of these skin conditions could have been tomato, but now if I have any sort of tomato I just get stomach issues no rash of any sort. Does this sound like tomato could be the cause???

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your question.

      As I said to Leo, tomatoes could be the cause. I suggest you muscle test just like I have told him or purchase The Allergy Kit of Allergy Antidotes. (More information is on this site in the tabs in the top menu). Sometimes other substances that you are sensitive to can weaken your system, making it more likely that you will react to tomatoes.

      I can’t stress enough how important it is to clear your allergies. You need to strengthen your system so that they don’t get worse and you can do this once you have learned the techniques taught in The Allergy Kit or Allergy Antidotes. I hope I don’t sound too ‘salesy’ but I suppose for me it has become second nature to use these techniques that they teach and that is why I whole heartedly recommend everybody should learn them. They have helped me and my family SO much.

  18. Tanya Sutton says:

    Can you be allergic and it NOT show up in the blood test? All that came up in my test was “dust mites” and yet tonight I thought “great, I’ll do meatballs in a tomato sauce!!” … and BOOM! Rash around mouth and lips blew up.

    • Hi Tanya,

      You must be so frustrated! I think your body has answered your question for you. You could try doing the sway test yourself. The link is on the left hand side of this site.

      If you are keen to eliminate your tomato allergy, intolerance or sensitivity (which is sensible to stop it getting worse), I recommend The Allergy KIt or Allergy Antidotes. There are links at the top of the page so that you can research both sites.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.
      With love,
      Cathy x

  19. anchen says:

    i have the problem for along period of time for the nose blockage but after sometimes one unblock-age and follow another one to blockage and i have Already take a varieties of antihistamine for a different time but fail to give me better feeling i have seen the ENT doctor told me that i have allergy with tomato and milk but i left it for 1 year until now but the problem remain the same

  20. BRENDA HILBURN says:


    I am allergic to tomatoes and get respiratory symptoms including cough, wheezing, sneezing, post nasal drip (more like a river than a drip) and running nose. The symptoms are worse with tomato sauces. Recently I started a new medication that I take as an injection every 2 weeks. I have had 5 injections of the medication. After the last 2 injections, I had symptoms similar to a tomato reaction. I am trying to determine if I am allergic to the medication. The medication ingredients are as follows: Active ingredient: peginterferon beta-1a
    Inactive ingredients: Single-Use Prefilled Pen: sodium acetate trihydrate, glacial acetic acid, arginine hydrochloride, polysorbate 20 in water for injection

    Do you see anything that might cross react?

    Thank you

    Brenda Hilburn

    • Hi Brenda,

      I know that we can be allergic to absolutely anything so there is a chance that you could be reacting to something in the medication.

      You could try the Sway Test to determine whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients. There is a link to a post a made about it in the left bar.

      Sandi Radomski from Allergy Antidotes taught me that it was always good practice for people to test their medication and if there is a problem, to treat it so that your body can tolerate it better and then it can do it’s job. She teaches various techniques for doing this in her manuals which I would highly recommend to you not only for this but for any other allergies/intolerances/sensitivities you may have. If you would like to find out more there is an Allergy Antidotes link in the menu at the top of the page.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      With love,
      Cathy x

  21. patrick says:

    i have a problem of one nostril swelling inside after a some hours one unblock-age and the other side blockage again and cause me the problem of breath as well as a lot of mucus in the throat i have already taken many kind of antihistamine but fail to give me better feeling until now for any body to give the advise please do so.

    • You need to eliminate the masked allergies that are causing you symptoms.

      Why don’t you take a look at The Allergy Kit or Allergy Antidotes in the menu at the top of the page.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      With love,
      Cathy x

  22. john says:

    i feel like my skin is corroding after the use of tomatoes on face skin,pls help

    • I am so sorry I missed this!

      You need to eliminate this allergy. Please look at Allergy Antidotes and The Allergy Kit in the menu at the top of the page. I highly recommend this type of work because I have seen it work.

      Please ask if you have questions.

      With love,
      Cathy x

  23. Chris says:

    I’m intolerant to histamine and I could’nt eat tomatos for a loooong time! Found a dietary supplement called Daosin. But I only found it on the internet. Anyway it makes it possible to eat tomatos again. It checks up my histamine level and avoids the allergic reaction. I guess the supplement is pretty new because people telling about it since 4 month, especially at yahoo.answers.

    I’m really satisfied!

    Best regards,

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for that.

      Anyone in the UK can get this free at the moment from http://www.allergyuk.org

      I personally believe that it is best to get the real reason that your body is reacting. Once you clear your allergies you don’t need to rely on taking supplements or medication that that end up costing a fortune over your lifetime.

      I appreciate you for sharing this information though.

      With love,

      Cathy x
      Catherine Davies recently posted..How To Stop CravingsMy Profile

  24. Sue Zytnyk says:

    Hi Cathy,

    I self diagnosed my tomato allergy about a yr ago. I also allergic to pineapple and oranges. And that includes even just touching them. I am 45 yrs old and the allergy came on about 3 yrs ago. All of a sudden i started getting eczema type symptoms on my head, fingers and feet. It progresses to severe before i figured out that I cannot even touch tomato’s and such without getting water blisters on my thumb. These water blisters even killed my thumb nail. Have you ever heard of these type of symptoms to a tomato allergy?


    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      Yes I have come across these sorts of symptoms before with regards tomato allergy.

      Have you thought about clearing your allergy?

      You could take a look at The Allergy Kit videos by clicking on the tab up at the top.

      If you have any questions please ask.

      With love,

      Cathy x

  25. Bana says:

    Hi cathy,
    I recently have itchy arms and i noticed that when i eat anything that has to do with tomato paste i suffer from skin rash. Can you please tell me what i can do to stop it from itching? Like a homemade medication or something?

  26. Zella Packer says:

    Hi Cathy,

    When I was younger my Mum told me I had slight sensitivity to tomatoes and would get slight blotchiness around my mouth. I then have been able to eat whatever I want since I was about 17 where I started to develop a very mild case of circular bumps on the back of my arms and hives on my chest. Also, my face would go dry. I started to use non paraben products but it didn’t seem to stop. I then tried to cut the nightshade family out of my diet. I found that after I had eaten chilli or tomatoes it would feel as though i was having a hot flush and sometimes getting out the shower my face would go very red and dry and I could get redness around my eyes that would be painful. But, I’m usually fine eating potatoes and (although I don’t eat them as regularly) the symptoms are much milder if any at all. I know that there is the common Salicylic Acid that is present in all of these products. Ive recently bought a new facial wash and this contains it as well. Do you think thats the reason my allergies have come up? Or do you think its just the digestion that will affect me? And is there anything I can do to minimise my symptoms.
    Thank you!
    Zella x

    • Dear Zella,

      Thank you for your question. It’s not only what we ingest that affects us, it can be anything that touches our skin, anything we inhale, anything that reminds us of a past trauma, people. Absolutely anything can affect us.

      In your case it could be salicylic acid. Do you know how to muscle test. I recently wrote a post about The Sway Test which is a form of muscle testing you can use to figure out what your body is having a problem with.

      The way I would treat it is by writing ‘salycilic acid’ on a piece of paper and then use the technique I describe here. I would recommend downloading the free manual to learn tapping. Use the piece of paper instead of the tissue.

      Then you can do the same for tomatoes and you face wash. Just hold them and tap on the symptoms and any memories or feelings that come into your head. I do into more detail in my Allergy Balancing System

      If you don’t get any relief from the technique I showed you it might be that something else is causing a weakening of your system and in that case I would recommend you look at The Allergy Kit

      My intention Zella is to help you learn how to eliminate the cause of your symptoms, not just to minimise them. This can take some work on your part but I learned the techniques and have helped people with them and if I can do it so can you. Just keep your mind open to the possibilities.

      I am here if you have any more questions.

      With love,

      Catherine x

  27. Genie says:

    My retired friend has seemed to develop an allergy to cooked tomatoes. Anytime he eats spaghetti sauce or today it was baked beans, his nose gets all stuffy, he gets very nauseated and then after an hour or two of nausea, he vomits. He breaks out in a sweat and his skin gets cold and clammy. Sometimes, he develops a fever. It happens within an hour of ingesting tomato sauce, sometimes immediately. He feels like he’s going to die. I don’t know what to do to alleviate his misery except for now, he’s going to avoid tomatoes.
    Thanks for listening,

  28. Lori says:

    I have always had a sensitivity to tomatoes and been aware of it, as a baby it was more dermatological. I would get rashes and spots, if my mom ate pizza… or spaghetti… or just plain old tomatoes.  I never really liked the taste of them as a child and got in the habit of ordering pizza with no sauce, ketchup never bothered me and neither did salsa, as I got older, pizza sauce and spaghetti sauce didn't bother me, and I developed a taste for raw fresh tomatoes… I loved a good Bacon and Tomatoe sandwich…. my mouth would hurt a little, (I have a navigators or geographic tongue, so lots of foods bother that but I tolerate it so I can still eat them!!) it stung a little bit but no big deal… those sandwiches were DELICIOUS!!  Then it started getting worse, it would cause intense discomfort in my mouth and digestive track, and burn for quite a while even after I finished my meal.  The next time the symptoms seemed to intensify a little more.  Then this summer I ate what I fear will be my very last Bacon and Tomatoe Sandwich… my throat and tongue started swelling!!  Scary and totally uncool!  As long as it is cooked, I'm cool… but oh those juicy amazing raw fresh from our garden tomatoes that smell soooo wonderful…. such a shame!  Is it common for peoples sensitivity/allergy to get worse??

    • Oh Lori, I feel for you! I love your sense of humour and I LOLed so many times as I read your comment.

      I hate to say it but sensitivities/allergies/intolerances, whatever label we give them can get worse. The good news is that you can eliminate them!

      I know people have a really hard time trying to get their heads round this work with allergies but I only recommend it because I have seen it work and other people are telling me it is working for them. It’s easy to do but sometimes can need persistence.

      Take a look round my site at my Allergy Balancing System or The Allergy Kit and open your mind to the possibility that this could be your chance to eliminate your allergies once and for all.

      That last reaction sounded scary so you need to tread carefully there. I always recommend that if you have had a severe reaction to anything, when you are ready to introduce those substances, you do it under medical supervision.

      It could be that other things are weakening your system so that is why your reactions are getting worse. Can you think of anything? Have you moved house? Could there be environmental factors or emotional factors? The Allergy Kit  is great for clearing the main allergens to get your system back in balance, then you can start clearing anything else that you might be reacting to, if indeed you still are.

      I hope that helps and please let me know if you have any more questions.

      With love,

      Cathy x

  29. lisa says:

    Hi there, 

    I have these spots on my face and have done so for about a year or so. I constantly eat tomatos but am worries that maybe I could have an intolerance to them and this could be the cause of my spots. Is this possible? 



    • Hi Lisa,

      It could be possible that the spots are a reaction to the tomatoes. I see any symptoms as possible reactions.

      Do you crave tomatoes? If so it is very likely that they are causing you a problem. We are addicted to what we are allergic to. Have you tried cutting tomatoes out of your diet to see what happens?

      I would recommend that you take a look at The Allergy Kit which you can find out more about at the top of the page. Once you rebalance your system in relation to the most common allergens (sugar included) you can go on to rebalance your system in relation to tomatoes.

      Hope that helps. Please ask if you have any more questions.

      With love,

      Cathy x

  30. Jo says:

    I was slicing a tomato the other day and the juice from the tomato, got underneath my wedding rings….almost immediately I had a horrible reaction….I took off my rings and it looks like burns..just where the rings were.  It itches and it burns. This did happen once before, years ago.  It's only in the one spot and I have no problem eating tomatoes. It has happened so infrequently, that I almost dismiss it…because we have tomatoes almost everyday. This is really annoying.   

    • Hi Jo,

      There could be something else that is weakening your system so that the tomato juice has this affect on these occasions. Can you think of anything – a substance or stress or some other emotional issue, or maybe a memory of a trauma? Is it reminding you of anything from your past?

      I always recommend that you eliminate the cause of allergic reactions. Your system is being weakened and it can lead to further problems in the future.

      Take a look around my site and read some of the other comments to see if you are drawn to anything that I discuss or recommend. You CAN take control of this and you CAN help yourself.

      I am here for you if you need any more help.

      With love,



  31. Lynn Duchesne says:


    Recently this time of year I eat alot of raw tomatoes. I follow my bloodtype O and since this is a nightshade , tomatoes are suppose to be okay! I have this rash all over that I have not had before. My stress is elevated more than usual. Could this be a factor!!!

    • Hi Lynn,

      Thank you for making contact.

      What can be ok for one person can cause reactions in another. For some reason the body sees the substance as something to be feared.

      Stress can definitely be a big contributing factor to allergies.

      The Allergy Kit actually treats stress with every allergen.

      EFT is a fantastic tool for helping with stress and you can learn it for free. I found it in 2005 and have never looked back. It’s a bit odd to do at first but once you get used to it you will find it invaluable. It’s very empowering!

      There are free download manuals and lots of information at http://www.eftuniverse.com and http://www.emofree.com

      I hope that helps. If you have any more questions just ask.
      With love,

      Cathy x

  32. Lori G. says:

    Hello,  my daughter had been dealing with dermatitis around her mouth, swelling lips, severe redness, peeling.  We could not figure out what it was.  I thought it was the paper cups I use after brushing her teeth or the toothpaste.  I changed it and seemed better.  But then I noticed flaring after eating tomato sauce on her pizza and pasta.  I also saw it flare after switching to a carrot, beet sauce substitute instead.  I decided to allergy test her thru igG and igE panel. No allergies showed for either of these.  Only to cow's milk.  But once I took away the tomato sauce, carrot and beet sauce, etc. her face completely cleared up.  But she shows no allergies.  Can she still have a reaction of contact dermatitis even though no immediate allergy or sensitivity shows on the allergy panel?  I am now taking away cheese due to cow's milk allergy.

    • Hi Lori,

      It’s so difficult when these things affect our kids isn’t it? This is tough on us too as parents.

      In my work I use the word, ‘Allergy’ to mean the energy imbalance between the electromagnetic energy of the person and the substance (which can be absolutely anything) that causes unwanted symptoms which can be physical, physiological and/or psychological. These ‘allergies’ don’t always show up in blood tests.

      I would say that the fact that your daughter is reacting the way she is suggests that for some reason her body is seeing tomatoes etc as harmful and is producing symptoms to let her know that it needs attention.

      Your daughter’s energy system needs to be re-balanced in relation to tomatoes as well as other substances.

      The easiest way that I know to do this is to go through The Allergy Kit with her. You will be treating all of the main allergens (including dairy) which will strengthen her system. You might find that is enough to elimate her problem with tomatoes, carrot and beet sauce etc but if not you can then go on to treat them. It takes 1 month to go through doing it for a few minutes every other day. You can get more information from their site at http://www.TheAllergyKit.com

      What I like about The Allergy Kit is that they are committed to your success. They are there if you need to ask a question and so am I. They offer a 100% money back guarantee as well, as they are so confident that it will work.

      How are you feeling about your daughter, Lori? Are you feeling stressed or anxious? As a mother I know how much this stuff can hurt. If you are it’s important to take time out to look after yourself as well. EFT has helped me through so much! You can download free manuals from either  http://www.eftuniverse.com or http://www.emofree.com

      I hope that helps. I am here if you have any more questions.

      With love,

      Cathy x


  33. Hello, I have been dealing with this allergy since I was 8 years old. First it started out as sores then have developed into the more serious contact allergy. I have been trying to deal with it as best, I can by not coming in contact but seeing as I have to prepare food which is required of me to prepare a tomato dish I find it very difficult to breathe in the fumes that are coming off of the tomato dish as well as I cannot touch the plant. It gives me red spot and if I come in contact with my mouth or face I receive painful blisters. I have a sore on my toe where I pushed a piece of pizza away from me that was sitting on the floor and that has not healed since that was about 5 years ago. I have been trying to heal it and it does not heal, but most topicals it makes the symptoms on my mouth beter or ease the severity; I know but it does not take it away Abreva works best to alleviate most of the stretching sensation I have on my lips when I get these sores and I feel as if there should be something much better that I could be doing when the allergy do arise. it is frustrating for me because I am left with sores for a week or two with no help. if you have any help or suggestions other than avoidance because I do do that is as much as I can but some cases like today I could not avoid it and I developed a sore on my mouth if you have any other suggestions for me please let me know cause I am willing to try anything to treat my symptoms of the allergic reaction to tomatoes, it is not fun, thank you.
    Crystal Wolfe recently posted..Morning SicknessMy Profile

    • Hi Crystal,

      Thank you for making contact. It really isn’t fun is it? I can tell from your comments that you are really fed up with this now.

      I suggest you read my response to Lori as I would recommend the same for you.

      This problem with tomatoes is really affecting your life and I really feel that you need to work towards eliminating it. Avoidance is just too difficult and if your system is being weakened by tomatoes it could lead to problems with other substances.

      Take a look at The Allergy Kit website and let me know what you think.

      If you have any questions please ask.

      With love,

      Cathy x

  34. Brooke says:

    I've had eczema since I was little and it usually only gets bad in the winter, where my skin just gets dry and red and cracked. But lately I get these red spots all over my arms, neck, and back, and it comes out of nowhere. I'm starting to notice that it happens whenever I eat tomatoes, and it doesn't matter how they're prepared. I don't always react right away, but when it happens, I'll be itchy all over with the red spots, and it can last for weeks. Do you think it's an irritant to my eczema or a legitimate food allergy? It only happens when I eat it, and the itchy spots are my only symptom.

  35. Jen Mitchell says:

    Hi Cathy.
    I’ve read your post and all the comments but still I’m unsure on my allergy. Me and hubby have put it down to tinned tomatoes I’m allergic to. What is even in tinned tomatoes. I have had horrible hives all over my body for 3 days straight. My feet feel like I am walking on golf balls. And my hands are all bright red and inflamed.
    I’m currently completely covered in calamine lotion.
    Also is it possible my son who I bfeed can get a reaction to it aswell if he has a sensitive as my son has picked up cconjunctivitis. And none of my kids have had it before.

    Thanks in advance for your advice and help.
    Cheers Jen.

    • Kandice says:

      Tin cans are lined with a resin that contains the synthetic estrogen bisphenol-A, which has been linked to a slew of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, reproductive problems, and obesity. But that’s not the biggest problem. The acid in tomatoes breaks down that bisphenol-A, leaching it into the food, and not just in insignificant amounts. According to the article, Saal comments that “you can get 50 mcg of BCA per liter out of a tomato can, and that’s a level that is going to impact people, particularly the young.”

      Source: https://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2010/06/11/7-foods-so-unsafe-even-farmers-wont-eat-them/

  36. Wren Petersen says:

    I am kind of in a bind. Ive noticed since I have been eating tomatoes lately that my mouth and tongue goes numb and my saliva feels like its getting thicker and I get sick. My symptoms arent listed on the allergie lists anywhere. I dont know if i should worry or just live with it. Please help!

    Thank you,

    Wren Petersen

    • Hi Wren,

      I have found that any substance can cause any kind of symptoms.

      I personally don’t believe you should just live with it. I believe that the symptoms are there for a reason, which is to show us that something needs attention. Allergies weaken our system which makes us more susceptible to having a reaction to other substances.

      The Allergy Kit is great for strengthening your system. It includes the main allergens that cause a disruption to our system. Although the kit does not include tomatoes, it could be that another substance or substances are weakening your system so that you are reacting to tomatoes and once treated you no longer react to tomatoes.

      If you find that you are still reacting to tomatoes at the end of the kit, you can then treat your reaction to tomatoes in the way that it teaches in The Allergy Kit. You could use an actual tomato, as well as cooked tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc. I have found that some people don’t have a problem with raw tomatoes but do have a problem with cooked tomatoes – weird isn’t it?

      There could be some stress attached as well. The Allergy Kit comes with a stress vial to help treat that.

      You can visit http://www.TheAllergyKit.com to find out more. I always recommend the premium kit. I know it costs more but it’s worth it for the money back guarantee. They are very helpful and will give you a bit longer if you need it, just in case you need to treat that tomato allergy at the end of the month.

      Hope that helps.

      With love and light,

      Cathy x

  37. karen says:

    You have forgotten to add goji berries to your list of nightshade vegetables

  38. shayla says:

    Is it normal for a rash to continue to spred for days after eating tomatoes? I’ve recently become allergic to tomatoes and my oral symptoms have mostly faded but the hives keep spreding.

  39. Kathleen says:

    Hello! I know this is an old thread but I was hoping you could offer some insight. I am allergic to tomatoes, dairy and peanuts. All are internal stomach/gastrointestinal reactions though I do sometimes get itchy. I love dairy and tomatoes and peanuts!! It's hard to find anything to eat when I go out because I eat meat but anything dairy free is usually vegan and vegetarian options generally use tomatoes and peanuts. Do you have any suggestions to alternatives when dining out or specific food types? I have never heard of anything I could take for tomato allergies because mine is not really a rash. For dairy there are pills but I try to avoid it for the sake of less medicine and it never helps too much. 


    Thank you!! 

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Sorry I missed your comment!

      Taking pills etc only treats the symptoms of allergies, they don’t treat the cause anyway. In my opinion you have to rebalance your system in relation to the substances that are causing your symptoms. Symptoms can come in all forms, your happen to be mostly stomach/gastrointestinal.

      I would recommend The Allergy Kit to help you eliminate the cause of your allergies. I hope I don’t sound salesy but I think it is well worth the money. It takes about one month to go through and they offer a money back guarantee.

      I don’t believe in having to deny yourself healthy, delicious food!

      I remember when my partner used to take every pill going for his hayfever and he would have to stay inside so much of the time. He is outside, cutting a huge hedge, as we speak without so much as a sniffle! We just re-balanced his system in relation to pollen and whatever is in the air using the same techniques they show you to do in The Allergy Kit. That was about 4 or 5 years ago now!

      Hope this helps. Please ask if you have any more questions.

      With love,

      Cathy x



  40. Robert M. says:

    P.S. my very first reaction at last that I noticed was a year ago… Which I'm 32 years of age now. All good things come to an end I guess… Bye bye tomatoes (only started to like them in the past 5 years or so)

    • Hi Rob,

      It is a great feeling to know exactly what is causing your symptoms. Sometimes though there are other substances that are weakening your system which allow the tomatoes to cause your symptoms. Cutting out tomatoes is a good idea for now, the problem is, the fact that a substance has caused symptoms means that your system is overloaded and needs rebalancing so that other substances don’t start causing you problems in the future. Also, I do have a problem with cutting food out of our diet that is good for us. Tomatoes are nutritious and alkalising. Have you thought of trying The Allergy Kit? I highly recommend it. There are links on some of the other comments below that you can use to take a look. Please let me know if you have any questions. In the meantime in your words……Bye bye tomatoes!!!!

  41. Robert M. says:

    I have recently come to realize I'm allergic to tomatoes. Normally break out in hives on my hands and have irratated skin (normally around my face but no physical hives on my face only hands). Lasts about a week or so. And my worst reaction was when I had chili pepper flakes my wife's dad makes (ton of lil hot peppers crushed into flakes). I was uncomfortable for an entire month give or take. (Main symptom dermetitis/irritated skin). I'm 99.9% positive this page describes some of the symptoms I go through. And for some odd  reason I can  eat ketchup, spaghetti sauce Etc. and not have a reaction.  I'm sure it's probably  just cooked in the process and loses the potent ingredient my body hates. I only recently discovered what was doing this to my body or at least I hope. I'm going to completely try to cut out all the tomatoes and peppers and hopefully be allergy free. Do my symptoms fall under this category ? My wife thought I was crazy until I pretty much pin pointed the exact  reaction after eating tomatoes. Its nice to know I'm not the only one dealing with this but luckily I don't get nearly half of the symptoms 

  42. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this blog. I’m hoping to check out
    the same high-grade blog posts by you later on as well.

    In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my very own site now 😉
    Ganoderma Cancer recently posted..Ganoderma CancerMy Profile

  43. Just popping in to let you know you have a brand new fan! Reading one post on your site got me obsessed there and then.
    Really, you are amazing!
    Vishakh Beharry recently posted..Vishakh BeharryMy Profile

  44. Cliff Buckley says:

    Is it possible for an allergy to tomatoes to appear in middle age? I am 52 and for the last two months have had awful stomach ache, bloating and diarrhea within a couple of hours of eating raw tomato. I don’t recall ever having these symptoms before and enjoy eating tomatoes but after another episode today I will have to stop eating them.

    • Yes it most certainly is! It is called the rain barrel effect. Your body fills up with toxins until one day it can’t cope and it starts reacting to substances that were never a problem before. It is important to find a way to re-balance your system in relation to tomatoes and probably some other substances as well, so that you don’t have more probelms in the future. I would also check your stress levels. Do you feel more stressed than usual? EFT is great for this.

      To rebalance your system I would recommend either my Allergy Balancing System or The Allergy Kit or Sandi Radomski’s Allergy Antidotes.

      All of them are effective. I would research them and go with whichever ‘feels’ right.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      With love and light x

  45. ankit says:

    Whenever I eat tomatoes my fingers start itching and back of fingers turns red and dark. Most of the time it appears as if I have peeled the skin. Lemon,tamarind,orange also cause itching but tomato burns like hell. please help.

    • Sorry for the late response. That sounds really uncomfortable. Please read my reply to Cliff. I would recommend the same for you.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      With love and light x

  46. peter b says:

    I have found that certain raw tomatoes give me extreme upper abdominal pain to the point it gets difficult to breath and the only solution was to force it up and get rid of it. i have had circumatances where i thought i was going to die, it took over 6 hours to get the pain to subside it feels like a horrible stomach ache with pain that radiates up through my chest with a feeling of bloating. today i had a case of this after giving a tomato slice on last nights hamburger a try and i was able to get rid of wthe pain with benadryl, antacid and anti gas medication but it took 5 hours of suffering and a wasted trip to the hospital before i bought these items. it was because of this blog that i figured out what was wrong with me so thanks.

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Peter, Thank you for your comment. Your tomato allergy sounds nasty and I am glad that my site has helped you figure out what was wrong. Now that you know, you should consider elimating your allergy or allergies (you might have more that are not producing such obvious symptoms). I really like  The Allergy Kit which helps strengthen your system in relation to the main allergens. Once you have done this, which takes about a month to fully complete, allergies to these substances will be eliminated and you could  find that you no longer react to tomatoes. If you do then you simply go ahead and treat for tomatoes next. You do this by holding a piece of tomato against your body and then tapping a few meridian points on your body or by using a cold laser on your ears. It might sound weird but it works really well! Please ask me if you have any questions. With love, Cathy x

  47. Ruth Wittenburg says:

    I have tomato allergy diagnosed by an allergist. I take L-Lysine if I eat any tomato product, raw or cooked to control it. I get sores in my mouth-including on my tongue and my gums if I don't immediately take 250 mgs of the lysine. I love tomatoes and wish I could eat them more often, but once a week is all my system can handle.


    • Catherine Davies says:

      I really feel for you, that sounds nasty! Have you ever thought of trying to eliminate your allergy? You should eliminate allergies as they weaken your system, making you more susceptible to becoming allergic to other things.  You could try my system or   The Allergy Kit . They offer a solid money back guarantee. In fact you get to try it (premium kit) for $1 for one month! It is a fantastic opportunity for you to try it before you buy it. Please let me know if you have any more questions or ask away at http://www.facebook.com/AllergyHealing

  48. Cathy says:

    Hi Everyone,

    If you have a problem eating or touching tomatoes it could be that you have an allergy to Vitamin C. You should treat yourself to this because if you are allergic you will not be absorbing it properly. You can go through any supplements you are taking and treat yourself for them. This is a good idea to do for your general health and well being anyway.

    With love and light,

    Cathy x

  49. Michaelene Davies says:

    I always wondered why I got so sick after eating certain things. I noticed tomatoes to be a pattern. I can eat them raw cooked canned. Anything. But they just don't agree with me like milk and lactose intolerance. Your article shed quite a bit of light on this topic for me. Thank you!! 

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am so pleased that I have been able to shed light on your sensitivity to tomatoes. As this is all very new to so many people, I do wonder sometimes if I am explaining myself properly in my writing, so your feedback is very valuable to me. Thank you! x

  50. Tiffany says:


    I have a very weird situation regarding tomatoes and rashes. I can eat tomatoes and do not suffer from any of the symptoms above, but when I cut them and get the juice on my hands, they turn red in patches and burn like crazy
    About a half hour later its faded, but there will be little scratches of broken skin where ever the patches were. Any advice on that? I love tomatoes and do not want to pull them out of my diet if I can help it. I’ve tried using plastic gloves but I’m a bit of a messy cook and always manage to get juice in the glove.

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Ooh sounds nasty!….. and I don’t blame you for not wanting to pull tomatoes out of your diet.

      I would take a glass with the juice of tomatoes in it and treat by tapping as in EFT or using a laser or both. I teach how to do this in my Allergy Balancing System. This rebalances the system in relation to the offending substance, which in this case is the tomato juice. If you go to my Allergy Balancing System page by clicking above, you can get free access to my Hay Fever treatment video which gives you an idea of how this works.

      There could be some emotional trauma connected with the tomato juice. Do you know when you first reacted? If you were too young, can you ask someone? What was happening in your life then? I also teach how to find out and treat emotional links to allergies in my Allergy Balancing System. I know it might sound a bit weird but I find that trauma plays a big part in allergies.

      The Allergy Kit is really great for self treating allergies as well and works on the same principles as my system. It contains energy frequency vials containing the most common allergens, which helps strengthen your immune system and eliminate your allergies.

      I hope this helps. Please ask if you have any more questions.

      With love and light,

      Cathy x


  51. Inez says:

    Boy, I hope you can help me!  I have a reaction (almost immediately) when I've eaten ketchup, cocktail sauce, or salsa, but it doesn't happen every time.  The palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet itch like crazy – actually they feel like one big red ant bite!  (If you've ever had one of those, you know that scratching it doesn't really help.) The "itching" is severe for about 20 minutes then gradually subsides in about 30 minutes.  Do you think this might be tomatoes or something different?

    Thanks – any help or insight is greatly appreciated!

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Inez,

      It’s strange that it doesn’t happen every time you eat these things. I would start a food diary and make a note of the brands of these sauces. Also look at the ingredients. It could be that the offending substance is in some brands but not in others. Sometimes you have to be a real detective.

      You could also treat yourself whilst you are reacting by putting a little of the sauce in a glass and following what I told Tiffany to do. Keep going until the symptoms start to subside.

      Another contributing factor to allergic reactions is stress. Make a note in your diary of how you feel when you have a reaction. Are you under a lot of stress?

      I teach how to do all of this in my Allergy Balancing System.

      Does that help? I hope so.

      With love and light,

      Cathy x



  52. May says:


    A relative of mine has a severe allergy to tomatoes.  When the family went out (to a pizza place), she did not join us…. which is understandable.  However, later we got together at one of our homes to celebrate a birthday, and she refused to come to the party claiming that our "breath and hands would be contaminated".   Is this possible?

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi May,

      This does sound like a severe allergy if your relative is worried about breath and hands being contaminated. Is it possible? – well it’s one of those things that you wouldn’t want her to try to find out!Some people are very sensitive. I suppose it depends on how she is affected by tomatoes. Is it when she eats them or touches them or both? It sounds like she has a lot of fear around this allergy and she could do with taking control of it before she becomes totally house bound. She must come into contact with people all the time who could have just eaten tomatoes. If her allergy has stopped her from going to a family party, I am concerned that she might stop going out altogether if she starts to think about how “contaminated” most people must be.

      Hope this helps.



  53. Armandina Scribner says:

    my abdominal pains are usually caused by bloating and indigestion, i better control my diet.-

    Please do explore our own webpage

  54. Marianne says:

    It seems as though I do okay with regular tomatoes but when I eat tomatoe sauce my throat closes up what would cause that?

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Marianne,

      It could be that you are reacting to something else in the tomato sauce other than the tomatoes. Or maybe you have an allergy to cooked tomatoes but not raw.

  55. Alexis says:

    I have a tomato allergy and found its really hard to cook and eat out without tomato product. Check out my blog, STINKY TOMATO, for recipes and non-tomato substittues!

  56. John Adams says:

    I have an issue with raw tomato, It causes joint pain, similar to arthritis pain, my mother suffered the same symptom. Took me a while to figure it out.Eliminate the tomato, eliminate the joint pain.Gotta be worth a try.

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Thanks for your comment, it is really helpful. I am so pleased that you got to the bottom of the cause of your joint pain. I was talking about this very point yesterday! When someone comes to me with joint pain or arthritis, tomatoes are one of the first substances that I test. I then treat them with the same techniques I teach in my Allergy Balancing System And I agree, anything has gotta be worth a try. Different things work for different people. With love, Cathy x

  57. Mell says:

    I had a food allergy (on eggs and spices…) when i was a child , now its been 2 weeks that i thought it is a food allergy because of the rash on my skin.. I went to a doctor he told me tht it may be erythema annulare centrifugum because of there shapes on my skin, but im feeling that the day i eat tomatoes i wake up with A rash on my skin not all over my body as it was before but a bit on my face and my neck… Is it possible that it is food allergy (tomatoes) and not erythema annulare centrifugum? And stress could cause such things? Because i have been under stress for more than a month and im always stressful…
    Thank u…

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Mel,

      If you have erythema annulare (although it is commonly mis-diagnosed) then one of the documented possible causes is tomatoes! Another cause is a weakened immune system. Stress weakens the immune system so it is very important to find a way to deal with your stress. When your immune system is weakened you are more likely to react to substances.

      I have written a chapter on how to relieve stress in my manual which is in the ‘Allergy Balancing System’. It is such an important factor in eliminating allergies and indeed living a healthier and longer life.

      Make sure that you go back to your doctor if the rash persists.

      Hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.

      With love and light,


  58. Grace says:

    Hello. I have recently discovered that I have an intolerance to tomatoes (raw and cooked). I did an elimination diet to determine this. I am now wondering if maybe my PCOS could be related to this allergy…?

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi there.

      Symptoms of allergy vary from person to person. However many symptoms of the genito-urinary tract are caused by food allergy so it’s definitely a possibility that your PCOS could be related to a tomato allergy. Did you eliminate anything else when you did your diet? Have you been back to your doctor since doing the elimination diet to have a scan? How do you feel the elimination diet determined that you have an intolerance to tomatoes? Do you feel better for not having tomatoes? Have your symptoms reduced or disappeared?

      If you have any more questions please ask away.

      With love and light,

      Cathy x

  59. Ms. Davies,
    I recently suffered from a rash over my entire body. I am not sure what caused it. I have never had a problem eating tomatoes in the past whether they be cooked or raw, store bought or garden grown. I recently ate some small cherry like green tomatoes in several salads. Could this be the causation of my rash even though I have never experienced problems with tomatoes in the past? Is there anyway to determine if these tomatoes were/are the cause?
    Roger Mendoza recently posted..Hay Fever – Is ‘Healthy Food’ Making It Worse?My Profile

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Roger,
      Thank you for your question. The way I would determine whether these tomatoes were the cause of a rash, apart from trying them again to see what happens (depending on the severity of the rash I might not recommend trying again. Please take care), is to try self-muscle testing. The link will take you to my Easy Self-Muscle Test video.

      For some reason these particular tomatoes could be causing you a problem. Through self muscle testing you can determine whether your energy system is in or out of alignment with those tomatoes. If muscle testing shows that you are out of alignment, then it could well be those tomatoes that are the culprit. Maybe there are chemicals on them that you are reacting to? I would hold one of those tomatoes in my energy field and self-muscle test.

      Can you think of anything else that was happening around that time? Were you in contact with anything different? Had you changed your washing detergent or fabric conditioner? Any emotional factors like stress? You could test anything that you suspect, even emotions!

      Another option would be to find a Allergy Antidotes or NAET Practitioner who could do it for you.

      I would love to hear how to get on. Let me know if you need help.

      With love and light,

      Cathy x

  60. Lynda says:

    I have a client that eats tomato ketchup but says he is allergic to tomatoes. If he eats a tomatoe he has severe vomitting and ends up in hospital with dehydration.
    Can he just be allergic to raw tomatoes but not if they are cooked?

  61. Josh says:

    Hi Stacy,

    Have you ever come across leg/knee pain as a symptom of a tomato intolerance? I’ve been suffering from unexplained chronic leg pain over the past few years and I’m trying to work out any possible cause!


    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Josh,

      I personally haven’t come across it specifically but that’s not to say tomato allergy is not the cause or part of the cause. Can you self muscle test? If you have never tried then I invite you to watch my self muscle test video to learn how to do it. There could be some emotions or trauma held there as well. I have someone putting the finishing touches to my manual and then I will be ready to launch my Allergy Healing System. It looks like it should be ready by the end of August.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. I will be away from the office for a couple of weeks but then after that I will be all yours.

      With love and light,

      Cathy x

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Josh, I’m so sorry for calling you Stacy! I just realised whilst reading through my comments! I think I need to get away from my computer a bit more. I hope I answered your question. With love, Cathy x

  62. Stacy says:

    Can a symptom be ankle/foot edema (pitting)?

    • Catherine Davies says:

      Hi Stacy,

      In my work I would assume that any symptom can be caused by allergy. So in answer to your question I would say, ‘Yes’ ankle/foot edema could be a symptom caused by allergy.

      Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.

      With love and light,

      Cathy x

      • Alexis says:

        Would throat burning be a symptom of tomato allergy? Because every time i eat spaghetti or tomato soup my throat will burn and sometimes last for an hour.


        • Hi there Alexis. Yes throat burning could be a symptom of tomato allergy and it sounds likely that it is. Thankfully it doesn’t sound too severe at the moment. It would be a good idea to try to eliminate the allergy though.

          Please let me know if you need any help.

          With love,

          Cathy x

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