When Your Doctor Says, “There Is Nothing More I Can Do” (Pt 2)

Are you starting to feel a bit calmer? The doctor has told you that there is nothing more he/she can do. Do you now see that it doesn’t have to mean that there is nothing more that can be done?

Your doctor doesn’t have to have the only say in your health and well being. He/she has an important say, sure but there are so many other people you can learn from. Oh and don’t forget about YOU, you have a huge say!

Dr Gonzales, Hulda Clark, Sandi Radomski, Devi Nambudripad, Richard Gordon, Richard Flook  Bruce Lipton to name but a few all testify to the fact that we have the ability to heal ourselves.

In Meta Medicine it’s about finding the UDIN moment, when you had a shock that was Unexpected, Dramatic, where you felt Isolated and had No way of dealing with it.

Allergy Antidotes and NAET is about balancing the body’s energy system in relation to food and substances that we  are reacting to. Most of us would not even realise that we are reacting because our symptoms are not your typical allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose or itching. For example Dr Nambudripad says that one man’s allergy to metal was causing his depression.

In Ask & Receive we look for the trauma and limiting beliefs that could potentially block treatment. Once found they can be healed and so can our body. We can also use this to ask for anything we want in life. It is a great tool if you are feeling particularly negative about something and we all know how bad those negative thoughts are for our health. Instead of worrying about something you can think of the outcome you want and ask for it. There is a part of your being that knows how to have it. You just need to access it, Ask & Receive shows you how.

Quantum Touch uses the power of love to raise the body’s vibration to heal itself. How amazing is that?!

Bruce Lipton who wrote the fantastic book, “Biology of Belief”,  understands the mind body connection in being well. He brings a scientific approach to it and concludes that in order for us to survive as humans, ‘all we need is love’. Being from Liverpool, those words are like music to my ears, literally!!!

Dr Gonzalez uses a nutrition and enzyme program which is totally individual to each patient. He is having amazing results with cancer.

Dr Hulder Clark believes that no matter what the symptoms, there are only ever two things wrong. The patient will have either pollutants or parasites in their bodies. She teaches us how to use a Zapper to electrocute these parasites and worms, yuk!

I hope by now that you mind is beginning to open to the amazing possibilities that exist for you to heal.

By opening your mind and researching the possibilities you will free yourself from FEAR. Fear is such a block in any treatment and the sooner you get over it, the better!

Please leave a comment below or let me know if you have any problems or questions.

With love and light,

Cathy x

Catherine Davies

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