Catherine Davies Work With MeI would love the opportunity to work with you, your family or your pets to help find and release the blocks that are stopping you from having the health and well being that you deserve.

In our sessions I will use a mix of the modalities that I am qualified in.

Sessions are either via Skype or email. The email service is great if there is a problem with time zones. You email me a list of your issues and I do a proxy session (connecting with you energetically) on your behalf and then email the results. I find this just as effective as Skype.

Please get in touch with me via the ‘Contact Me‘ buttons to schedule an appointment or to ask a question.

I look forward to being of service x


Masked Allergy Detective Session

In this session I will you help identify the  hidden sensitivities that are causing your allergy-like reactions using self muscle testing and then we will rebalance your system in relation to them using energy psychology so that you no longer need to have a negative response.

30 minutes @ £50

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Masked Allergy Detective 3 Session Package

Your allergy-like reactions have taken time to develop and so it is possible that you will need more than one session to clear them. Not only does this option save you money, it gives me the chance to get to know you better. This is the preferred option for new clients. Must be used within 2 months.

3 x 30 minute sessions @ £135

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Emotion Code

Although I integrate The Emotion Code into my Masked Allergy Detective Sessions it can also be purchased as a stand alone treatment. I will find and release trapped emotions so that you can start to have the life and business you want.

30 minutes @ £50

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Emotion Code Email Session

Email sessions are great if you can’t join me on a video call. I have had great results doing email sessions. I will ask you to email me a list of concerns that you would like me to address. I will muscle test through the list to find out what the priority is. After the session I will email you the results.

30 minutes @ £50

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Emotion Code and Emotion Code Email 3 Session Package

This is the ideal option if more than 1 session is needed to help you clear blocks in several areas of your life.

3 x 30 minutes @ @135

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Disclaimer: The processes I use are not designed to diagnose medical problems. They are complementary to, rather than a replacement for medical attention, professional mental health care or veterinary care.

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